Linfa Age – Dermo-restorative Shampoo 250 ml Bottle

品 牌: Bottega di Lunga Vita

型 号: Italy warehouse - 意大利仓库

库存状态: 有库存

销售价: ¥6.08
A sebum-normalizing, purifying and antipruritic treatment containing nettle, burdock, witch hazel, grapefruit seeds and the essential oils of mint and bergamot.

Indicated for oily, heavy hair, it also provides relief to the scalp due to its toning, soothing and refreshing properties. ACTIONS: it regulates the sebaceous secretions of the scalp, reduces the hair’s oiliness, cleanses deep down without irritating and stimulating the sebaceous glands, and exerts a bacteriostatic, antipruritic and antimycotic action. The botanical blend contains Nettle, Burdock and Witch Hazel. The skin-purifying antiseptic action is achieved by Grapefruit Seeds and the essential oils of Mint and Bergamot.


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