SUPER DREN Remodelling Mud - Container 400 ml Pot

品 牌: Bottega di Lunga Vita

型 号: Italy warehouse - 意大利仓库

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销售价: ¥15.73
"High-impact" reshaping mud based on laminaria digitata, green micronized clay, Redux GC® bio-complex, butcher's broom, ivy and bladderwrack extracts.

This “high-impact” reshaping mud helps to drain and fight the imperfections of cellulite with a base of Laminaria Digitata and Green Micronized Clay. Formulated with the exclusive Redux GC® plant bio-complex in association with Apple extract to fight cellulite on multiple fronts, to promote drainage of fluids, to improve circulation and to inhibit the formation of additional adipocytes that accumulate in fat tissue. The extracts of the disinfiltrating complex of Butcher’s broom, Ivy and Bladderwrack stimulate microcirculation and the reabsorption of subcutaneous fluids, in synergy with organic complexes derived from algae. Laminaria digitata performs a lipolytic action while Green Clay from Sicily performs a purifying and detoxifying action. Through a mild hyperthermic action, tolerated by even the most sensitive skin types, the formula increases the penetration and effectiveness of the product’s active ingredients.


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